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Remote.com : The great Freelance Marketplace for Freelancers

Freelance Marketplaces are getting a Tremendous response from the Freelancers around the world as the Technology has bridged the gap between the providers and the Employers through the  Powerful platforms of the freelance marketplaces. Freelancers throughout the world are searching various projects of their Interest and earning Millions of dollars through Freelance Marketplaces.

There are several Freelance Marketplace available for both Employers and Freelancers but Remote.com is a very good addition to freelance Marketplaces.  It has a very powerful platform to connect Freelancers with the Employers searching for Freelancers.

Establishment: Remote.com was established in  2017  to provide services to freelancers by connecting them with the prospective clients to get the projects done with ease.

Membership: The Membership is  free  for both  the  Freelancers and Buyers  as  they  get registered either through  Facebook or  Google  Social  login  .  Such  a  feature  removes the hassle of entering long  sign up data  and  you are up and ready just in seconds. For  Buyers  remote.com  offers  three  job positing plans : They include : Free   , Premium and Elite , However  , the  freelancers are charged  flat 10%  on their earnings  .

Project Categories: The  Buyers  can post jobs in multiple categories ranging from  Web Development and Programming, Translation, writing blogging  and Marketing etc where as  Freelancers  can apply for  freelance  projects  in  above  categories  .

Payments:  The  Buyers  can pay  through  Credit cards while Freelancers can withdraw money through  ACH , Paypal and  International Wire transfers.  The  payments are very secure  and  easy for the both  buyers and freelancers .

 Upside: Remote.com is  the  Great  Freelance Marketplace  offering  a  Powerful  freelance  Marketplace  as  it is  easy to  navigate and  free  to  start working  as  Freelancer or  as  a  buyer .

Downside: Remote.com  is  a  good  site but lacks  an attractive  Design  and  Payments  options  . It must include  Payoneer and  Skrill  for  Global Freelancers to withdraw their  earnings  easily  .

Future  Trend analysis: The  Way  remote.com has been getting popularity amongst the Freelancers, it is estimated that in future  it will be very powerful freelance marketplace for both the  Buyers and  Freelancers and  would be counted among the best freelance Marketplaces over the internet.


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