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Qadabra.com : The New Startup Ad Network for Bloggers to Monetize their Inventory

Advertising Networks open the Money streams for both then Buyers who promote their Services and Products and for the Publishers who monetize their Inventory with the Powerful Banner Ad Network such as Qadabra.com . Started as Adsgadget.com and letter they changed its name to Qadabra.com experiencing the rapid growth and Banner Ad Impressions .Qadabra is the great Self served Ad Platform which monetizes the Ad inventory of Bloggers and Website owners to almost 100% thus No impression goes waste .
Qadabra has got very simple but very effective Technology which displays the Banner Ads to the targeted audience relevant to the Keywords and content thus resulting more impressions which more money for the Small and Medium based Publishers and maximum and wider exposures to the Advertised goods and Services by the Prospective buyers . Thus benefiting both the Advertisers and publishers at the same time . The Buyers receive traffic and Publishers get the dollars in response to the impressions served .
Registration and Payments : The Registration and Acceptance policy of Qadabra.com is very simple and easy even the newly launched sites get registered and monetize their sites . Even the Advertisers can easily register and advertise their goods and services for massive exposure . As regards the payment , the Advertisers pay by Paypal and credit cards where as Publishers get paid through Paypal and Payoneer Prepaid Debit cards . The Minimum payout through Paypal is only $1 Dollar.
Upside : Qadabra is great Banner Ad Network having very simple registration and easy payments solutions for the publishers . The site has also good number of Banner Ad Formats which are frequently used by any standard Ad Network .The More importantly 100% monetized Ad Inventory Direct as well as Network ads which really benefit the small and medium size Publishers .
Downside: Qadabra has great features but it lacks some reporting matrics and limited number of Ad formats as compared to other Ad Networks . Moreover , Qadabra.com has very simple design which needs to be polished and modernized to attract more Advertisers and Publishers at the same time .
Trend Analysis : For the rapid growth of Qadabra , it is estimated that if it incorporated the recommendation made in this Reviews , the Site will soon stand in the Row of Market giants Adsense , Yahoo and Bings Ads etc followed by strong and effective customer relations and clear sleek website .


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