Bid Results / Sgt. Joe Friday

From 1951 to 1959 Dragnet was a process police series that featured Jack Webb as Sgt. Joe Friday. Joe was famed for associate interrogation line he typically used: “Just the facts, ma’am!” Bonding firmsought to gather facts too, once a bid bond has been issued. it’sa crucialmethod with implications for each the surety and also the contractor. So here area unit the facts, ma’am! Bid results area unitthe assorted proposal amounts submitted by contractors followinga selected project. The bids area unit submitted at a chosen time and place. ...

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Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

Lately, several of the purchasers that have created their thanks toMEar in search of uncovering their passion and in search of determining their life’s purpose. And whereasthere is not a cureto assistyou work out why you’re here and what you’re meant to try and do, it may bevastly satisfying to finally puzzle outthe way to live your life by design, in alignment along with yourgoals, dreams and values. In the work I do with my purchasers, that is the journey I take them on. I take them through ...

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